Goddess in the forest

with Natasha Astara 


About the Presenter


Natasha Astara is a Priestess to the Goddess, an Artist and Clairvoyant. She spent 20 years working with women using acupuncture to connect with the feminine and fertility which led her down pathways of many wisdom experiences. She is the founder of Earthmother Starchild, a creative project which helps starchildren to birth the New Earth through their own projects and connecting with their personal Heart vision for the World. Natasha designs ceremonies on the land for rites of passage of the feminine through blessing ways, hand fasting, Moon circles & healing the divine feminine. She is a mother of two children.


About the Show


Welcome to the Goddess in the Forest, a radio show for women’s voices sharing Women’s Wisdom. On first coming to Forest Row, I experienced a lucid dream, where a dark haired woman with antlers came to me out of the Forest and placed a white flower in my hand. It marked the embrace of this wonderful land and community into my life. This radio show is about the connection of women’s wisdom to the land and the Heart of community. Traditionally we would seek answers into the Forest and I feel we still do that today with our walks and talks with the trees. In this hour I connect with the pulse of the feminine through the projects, songs and voices of women discussing subjects like Birth, Motherhood, Goddess stories, tree wisdom and finding our way in the modern world whilst holding the ancient heart of the forest sacred.