potts and palmos

with Alan Potter & Mark Palmos

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A Fine Bromance features  bantering with Mark And Alan about local matters, with an eclectic mix of music chosen by Mark.


Alan has lived in Forest Row 20+ years and has taken an active role in the community in a number of guises over that time. He's served as a Parish Councillor and also set up and ran the Community Cycle Hire Scheme. He's talked at various events on waste and eco matters, and runs his own consulting business Beyond Waste from the Village Hall in the heart of the village.


He was a founding member of the Forest Row Rutters - a Sunday cycling group -  of a long standing Forest Row Men's Group and Forest Row Energy, community cooperative. He was also a member of the African drumming group the AFRow Drummers and ran a charity Karaoke night at the Bram Hotel. 

He can frequently be seen walking the highways and byways of Forest Row accompanied by his faithful Yorkshire Terrier.

Mark has lived in East Grinstead longer than he has lived anywhere on the planet. He lived all over South Africa, then Los Angeles and Portland Oregon, always travelling with dozens of boxes of records, tapes and CD’s… most of which were originally imported to South Africa from the UK… So the records are now home, back in England.

For the first 17 years of Mark’s life, his taste in music was very much based on whatever was being broadcast on local radio… but that all changed at university when it became clear that many music-adoring youngsters were basing some of their identity on the music they listened to and liked. Going to art school was a major shot in the arm, an intensive crash course in what is “cool”.

Taking sides on important social issues comes naturally to Mark, a side-effect of being brought up in apartheid South Africa. Things were very polarised back then and it was easy to choose sides. These days things are more nuanced, though the same social issues exist in most parts of the world.

Mark works in video production making mostly corporate videos, and he also composed and published an album of 13 tracks written during lockdown 2020.

Mark will focus on interesting, lesser known music, as well as the occasional local track.