The Good VibeS Show

with Molly Moe

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After discovering a love for radio at University in Liverpool, where I studied Literature and Politics, I have been involved in presenting and creating a variety of music, politics and culture podcasts and radio projects. Music is my fuel and I enjoy every genre from 70s rock, to 90s hip hop. I believe that sharing and spreading positivity has become even more important today, and over lockdown I used my time to reflect, rediscover and learn about spirituality and music, which I can’t wait to share with the listeners of Wildhart radio!

Weekly music and talk show hosted by Molly Moe, focusing on the positives of life with a combination of debating current affairs, raising consciousness and music that makes listeners want to dance, smile and let go. The heaviness of life can get us all down sometimes, this show will help you feel good!

Variety of music

Interviews/conversations with people who focus/experts on mindfulness

Political and topical debates (that focus on learning/sharing)

Good news, Community/local events 



Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyles and climate change solutions

Music (live, festivals, new music, music history and community of music)


Politics/Current affairs/feminism/LGBT+/BLM/Animal rights/refugee rights

Music taste:

Creating playlists, spinning vinyls and discovering new music are my greatest pleasures. I enjoy learning about music history and have experience interviewing artists. 


Main interests: Prog and Psychedelic Rock/Reggae/Soul/Funk/Pop/Jazz/R&B


-LedZep/Fleetwood Mac/Kate Bush/The Beatles/Supertramp

-Wolf Alice/Jimi Hendricks/Jacob Collier/Khurangbin/King Giz

-SZA/Greentea Peng/Mac Miller/Anderson Paak/Bill Withers