What's that music?




 I have long thought of putting some tracks together and give some thoughts about the music. I like to find the bits that give some hint as to what to listen out for. Sometimes I have personal anecdotes about how the different artists and composers have inspired me in my own work. - So thanks to Wildhart Radio for giving me a go!



I have been living music since my teens, when I would spend hours every day playing the guitar and as a result didn't do much schoolwork. I would also listen a lot to the various popular radio programs on the various stations. I even remember Radio Luxemburg, when still living in my native Denmark and then Radio Caroline when I moved over here aged 13 to go to Michael Hall School....in 1977. The John Peel show was great, but so too were Humphrey Littleton, and even David Jacobs - the list is long. - The youngest of four, I was lucky that my three siblings had very active and strong musical tastes and as they were all born in the 50s I got a broad spectrum of music from them.


My mother too was hugely influential in my musical development. She was born in California and spent much time with the Radio in the 30s and 40s and the music of that age feels as close to me as my own, the Big Bands, the crooners, the Andrew Sisters even the comedy programs of that era are familiar to me. My father composed and also listened to music, and they surely shared a great taste in classical music. So Baroque - Contemporary classical music was played at home on our proudly owned B&O Record Player.

I was inspired to compose by seeing the film Amadeus in 1984, a year after leaving school and studied composition and piano in Hamburg for 5 years.

with Gregers Brinch